Cannelton Police Department


Service Fees

Traffic Accident Report/Police Incident Report - Copy:  $12

Vehicle Identification Number Check  (VIN):  $5

Background Check - View only:  $3

Background Check - Copy:  $7

Fingerprinting Fee: - All fingerprinting must be done at the Tell City Police Department.  Click on link to schedule an appointment:

Handgun Permits                                          Local Fee/State Fee

     4 year Hunting & Target                                             $10/$5

     4 year Personal Protection                                         $10/$30

     Lifetime Hunting & Target - No Current License         $50/$25

     Lifetime Hunting & Target - Current Valid License      $40/$20

     Lifetime Personal Protection - No Current License      $50/$75

     Lifetime Personal Protection - Current Valid license    $40/$60

     Retired Law Enforcement Officer                           Fee Exempt

     Retired Corrections Officer                                   Fee Exempt

     Firearms Dealer                                                    Fee Exempt