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Our Department

The Cannelton Police Department is a professional police organization of Law Enforcement Officers consisting of the Chief of Police, Sergeant, Patrolmen, and Reserve Patrolmen; dedicated to providing the highest level of service. The department views itself as responsible for the protection of Constitutional rights and maintenance of safety and security for all citizens in the community. The highest standards of selection, education and training allow the Cannelton Police Department to field personnel of excellent caliber who can perform their duties in a professional, but sensitive manner. The department continually strives for excellence, performing duties with style and taking pride in themselves and the community they serve.

Our Community

City of Cannelton: Cannelton Indiana is located in Perry County along the Ohio River on the Kentucky State line. The city was founded in 1837 and has a current population of approximately 1,500. The land area is 948 acres; water area is 46 acres. The community was named for the cannel coal once mined in the region. Former and merged community names include: Cannelsburg. At one time the city was an important river port, however that changed with the exhaustion of the coal deposits and the decline in river travel. A local Cotton Mill once manufactured Union Army uniforms during the Civil War. The Mill stayed in operation until it was sold and converted into modern apartments. Cannelton, which is the smallest incorporated city in the state, was formerly the county seat of Perry County until the seat was relocated to Tell City.

Our Mission

The Cannelton Police Department consistently and with uniformity strives to maintains social order and provide professional law enforcement services to citizens in the community, within prescribed ethical, budgetary, and constitutional constraints.  This agency strives to enforce the law and maintain order in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing the need for justice, and the consistent appearance of justice.  The Chief of Police recognizes that no law enforcement agency can operate at its maximum potential without supportive input from the citizens it serves.  This agency actively solicits and encourages the cooperation of all citizens to reduce and limit the opportunities for crime and to assist in bringing to justice those that break the law.

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